$25 DIY Ladder Rack

This is more just to document an idea rather that a set of plans but after seeing this anyone with mediocre carpentry skills could put this together in a few hours.

I needed to transport some 24′ lengths of pipe but I generally only need a ladder rack on rare occasions. I was looking for a low cost option and decided to build one.

For around $25 I bought four 12′ 2x4s and two 8′ 2x4s and a small box of 2.5″ deck screws and built this –

I cut two 8′ 2x4s in half and those became the uprights. I used two of the 12′ 2x4s uncut and attached them to the uprights. I then used the other two 12′ 2x4s for the cross members. All pieces were screwed together using deck screws.

Probably the most dificult part was trimming down the ends of the 2x4s that went into the holes cut on the top lip of the bed. Since I only needed to use it for a specific purpose I tied it down in place with a piece of rope and a ratcheting tie down.

It worked well enough to pick up five 24′ lengths of pipe 20 miles away. Once done I simply untied the rope and undid the ratcheting tie down and lifted it up/off and put it off to the side in case I needed it again for future use.

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