More of a process than a recipe –

  • Wash/scrub apples
  • Add about a 1/2 cup of apple cider to pot (prevents burning)
  • Quarter apples and fill 12 qt pot (about 1/4 bushel)
  • Simmer apples till soft and mushy (about 30 mins)
  • Place food mill on lip of a separate 10-12 qt pot
  • Scoop out cooked apples into food mill and turn crank clockwise to process
  • When all apples are processed, bring applesauce back up to a boil
  • Scoop hot applesauce into canning jars and seal
  • Process (submerge) sealed jars in boiling water for 20 mins
  • Can also be frozen

Makes approximately 3-4 quarts

A couple tips/notes –

  • Occasionally crank handle counter-clockwise on food mill to clear holes
  • Use a spatula to occasionally remove skins and core parts from food mill
  • The apples will boil down to about 1/2 the starting size
  • Fresh hard apples will take a little longer to cook down than softer varieties
  • Optionally add cinnamin and/or sugar to personal tastes
  • A 1/4 bushel is about 40 medium to small apples. This is also roughly a peck of apples
  • If you are not familiar with food mills, they look like this –




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  1. Aloha! Many thanks for your resource! Honestly I have never read anything that informative.